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May 31 2014, 07:25 PM
One thing (well one major thing) bothered me about Friday's episode. On Friday, we were led to believe that Sonny never suspected Will because "Will was upbeat this whole time." And Will was protecting Lucas or someone else or everyone. I am still not clear about Will. WTF! I thought we were led to believe from the start that Will and Sonny both suspected the other but neither wanted to say it. If not, what was all the "I'll do anything for you" talk about? It's like the writers did this on purpose to make us believe that either Will or Sonny did it. In a lame way they tried to create a mystery (remember Jordan and Ben's icky vibe when Ben was introduced), by making everyone talk and act like a suspect, except Gabi.
I think it's clear that Will confessed because he thought Sonny killed Nick, as well as him feeling guilty that Lucas ever previously paid for his crime. That would easily explain the conversation with Lucas and Will yesterday at the police station...with Lucas telling Will that Sonny would die for Will and do anything for him and Will responding that he'd do anything for Sonny as well. We also had Will having a flashback to marrying Sonny because it was Sonny not Gabi or Lucas who was on his mind. I'm pretty sure that Will is just as surprised as everybody else in that room (except Hope) that Gabi was the one to kill Nick. Knowing Will, he probably won't even believe her right away and insist that he still take the fall for the crime. Maybe he'll think that Gabi is falsely confessing to save him.

I was under the belief that Sonny probably suspected Will as being the murderer but it makes sense that Sonny nixed that idea yesterday. Now I'm not sure if Sonny ever suspected anybody as Nick's killer. Obviously he was just focused on Will not looking guilty and going down for the crime.

Guy has previously stated that Will feels that he was the one who really is the cause of this whole mess. Will didn't pull the trigger but he also didn't stand up to Nick years ago so he let Nick walk all over him. Will feels guilt all over the place and has made a very poor decision to confess. I agree that he isn't stupid, just terribly misguided by his emotions.
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