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May 31 2014, 10:27 PM
May 31 2014, 10:23 PM
May 30 2014, 01:58 PM
After her time with Gabi and Ari I bet Ho
pe just wants to go home and hug and hold Ciara.
May 30 2014, 05:27 PM
I feel like these are an appropriate "flashback GIF set":
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May 31 2014, 09:15 AM
What happened?
May 31 2014, 10:07 AM
is this when Night-Hope tried to kill Bo? I admit, I don't really remember the exact details on how she was arrested except I remember her passing out and waking up as "real Hope" asking Bo "what happened". At least that's what I recall. Could be totally making that up.

When did Ciara cut up all of Carly's clothes?
May 31 2014, 04:27 PM
Just so everyone's on the same page: NT Hope was an alter-ego created as a result of side effects to a sleeping medication Hope had been prescribed. nT Hope had enlisted the help of Dr Baker (the same doc who'd helped Nicole switch her (i.e., Mia's) & Sami's babies) to commit crimes against the various men in Salem who had done wrong to women. NT Hope realized they she only really wanted power over Bo, so she decided to kill him - first she tried to set him on fire (& I give you 1 guess as to who came along & saved Bo from getting lit (but not drenched in gasoline)), and then through an air bubble being passed through his IV. After both those failed, NT Hope managed to lure Bo to the Bope house to "talk" & planned on trying to kill him again (this time by stabbing him). By this time, Bo had put the pieces together & figured out most of what was going on, & Bo confronted NT Hope, and she confessed to what she had done.

These goodbye scenes are from the morning after that confrontation. Hope had awakened that morning quite confused, as she had fallen asleep in her room at Victor's and awoken on the Bope living room couch. Bo explained to her what happened & showed her the video of NT Hope's confession. Overcome with guilt, Hope wanted to turn herself in. Bo wanted to talk her out of it. Ciara had been on a sleepover. Hope tells Ciara that she's done something very wrong and is very sorry and that she won't be home for a while. Eventually, Julie arrives to stay with Ciara while Bo & Hope go to the station.
(When Bope arrive at the station, an arrested Dr Baker is there, along with Nicole, Brady, & Roman, and Dr Baker recognizes Hope. He had been arrested after the SPD got a surveillance tape showing him buying the materials needed for NT Hope's Bo-kababs.)

If anyone wants to watch these scenes, there should be edits on YouTube. The dates are around August 6th 2010.

As for Ciara & the scissors - that happened back in Jan/Feb. it was Ciara's reaction to Carly moving into what had been her home (& to some degree still was, since daddy was still living there). ICAM only imagine what would've gone down if current Ciara had been around then. lol.

I wasn't watching the show that year. I've seen people mention "NT Hope" or "NightTime Hope" here at DR ... and I gathered from reading context that it was an alternate personality due to some drug thing ... but I never knew what the story was. I have been meaning to make a post to ask. Thank you Supergirl for explaining it!
:peek: I kind of liked that story. IDK why I'm hiding behind the couch. It's not a secret. I mean, in the context of everything else going on, I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed it too. It was nice to see Kristian playing something other than mopy my-husband's-sleeping-with-another-woman Hope. I thought Peter & Kristian did a fabulous job with the confrontation scenes and the "next morning" reveal. And the NT Hope/Carly scenes were pretty amusing too (there were 2 of them - one in the park & one outside the pub). Utilizing Dr. Baker in the NT Hope story was a nice way to utilize an extra character that was still hanging around because the truth about the baby switch hadn't come out yet. It was also nice to see Bo & Hope actually act like Bo & Hope & not like some weird OOC puppets - this refers more to the morning after reveal and what followed.
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