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Lady Evol
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May 31 2014, 09:30 AM
As usual, I am in the minority here because I don't feel that Daniel did anything wrong. I think he cares about both Nicole and Eric and he was trying to do the right thing by giving nicole a chance to come clean on her own. Daniel was in a bad position between a rock and bad place so to speak and I can empathize with that. He came upon the info and once you know that kind of secret, you are involved whether you like it or not. If he kept quiet, he would be complicit and he would be betraying Eric as well. So I am on team Daniel on this one.

I am all that mad at Jennifer either. It was none of her business of course, but Eric is her friend and deep down she does not like or trust Nicole IMO, so it makes sense that her loyalty would be toward Eric. Besides, if she had confronted Nicole, she would be playing the same games with her than she has playing with Daniel. I did notice a couple of interesting tidbits though. Jen seemed upset about Ericole eloping and leaving town even before finding out of the secret. Also, Jen almost broke her neck running to tell Eric about Nicole. :laugh: Hmmm, something tells me that Jen does not like Nicole at all LOL or maybe she likes Eric a little too much.:hmmph: food for thought.

It is hard for me to feel sorry for Nicole. She brought this on to herself and she had plenty of opportunity to make things right thanks to Daniel. But she kept lying and digging her hole deeper. Besides, I seem to remember how she blackmailed Ej when she found out about the sydnapping. She extorted money from Ej and then still ratted him out to Rafe causing the domino effect that followed. She did the same thing to Sami when she found out she shot Ej. She used that info for her own selfish gain. That is karma biting you in the ass you whiny bitch, so wear your big girl panties and deal with it. At least Danifer did not try to take advantage of Nicole like she has done to others in the past.

I know I should feel sorry for Eric for the pain he is about to feel, but I got nothing LOL. Eric continues to rub in the wrong way. He did not deserve what Kristen did to him, but I think he deserved what Nicole did to him just for being such a damn hypocrite. First, what was Marlena talking about asking his wuss of a son if Ej did something to make him leave town? WTF?!!! Ej has absolutely nothing to do with Eric and could not care less about his sorry ass. I am so tired of 'the blame it on the Dimera mantra'.Then Eric pissed me off even more when he said that Ej can not hurt him anymore. WTF? When Ej ever do anything to hurt Eric? Is Eric making Ej guilty by association? I know he feels like Ej owed him :eyeroll: something and was supposed to give him life back (still don't know ej should do ANYTHING for that fool LOL), but is he actually saying that Ej hurt him just by minding his own damn business and staying out of this mess? OK martyr Eric, whatever...

That sanctimonious hypocrite gets all pissed off because Sami pointed out some ugly truths about his perfect saintly fiancee, yet he feels he has the right to trash talk Ej behind his back by saying he is going to hurt Sami. I am not saying he is wrong about that LOL :tounge: , but it is funny that he can not see what is right in front of his nose, but he is talking shit about ej with no evidence to support it other than his dislike of him. Yeah I can not wait for him to realize what a fool he has been and that everyone was right about his precious new and improved Nicole. He may have to eat a big plate of humble pie. I know Sami's heartache is coming too, but I am going to enjoy Mr holier than thou being taking down a notch.

I like how supportive and caring Ej is toward Will. He really considers him a part of his family as he should. it is always so obvious how much Sami loves Will, but when Will threatened to throw her out, I wish Sami had just walked away (dragging Ej with her LOL) and washed her hands off Will for good. He does not appreciate the love and support that Sami has always showed him. Just let the dumb ass throw his damn life away over a false assumption. Serves him right. I also enjoyed Lucas in caring father mode. Though I am surprised that Lucas did not try harder to talk Will out of the ledge.

Lucas hate for Ej is valid and makes sense considering their history, but I do like that they have a common ground when it comes to the children. I like that Lucas was able to put aside his personal feelings for Ej and side with him for Will's sake. Lumil and Ejami make an interesting layered blended american family.
I thought a lot about this too- the Daniel/Nicole/Eric thing, I mean- and I think that if I were in his shoes, I would have gone right to eric with the evidence. If I wanted to be a friend to Nicole I would have left her out of it, but "hey look what I found" would have been my first response.

Obviously this story was written as a way to create more drama. If his concern was truly just eric deciding whether to be a priest or not on his own, he should have gone right to him. Now he's lying to eric, lying to jennifer, covering for Nicole, and STILL busting in her place, getting too handsy. They wrote him as a very stupid man, and I don't understand how a man who singlehandedly saves everyone in town could be so dumb.
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