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May 30 2014, 04:30 PM
Eileen worked with Shawn Christian her first week back. The rest of the cast, including Eric Martsolf, had no idea what she had been taping. It was like this for at least a month too! So I doubt Kristen will be connected to a possible Teresa-Brady wedding. We know Kristen kidnaps somebody at the very beginning of her story arc. Since Shawn Christian was the person she acted with first (during week #1), and the fact that Eileen said that what she had just filmed resulted in bruises on Twitter, I'm going to say Daniel is kidnapped by Kristen, and we won't see any involvement of her with the rest of the cast for a quite bit. Eileen tweeted a thank you to Shawn right after her first week of filming.
You're probably right. ED worked with SC her first and second week back.
But even if Daniel is the one Kristen kidnaps I still think, it is possible that this s/l might have something to do with whatever happens to Brady/Theresa/John/Marlena. It looks like all these characters might be in hospital (as visitors or patients). Here are some links/pictures tweeted around the time:
February 26 (Deidre and Shawn)

Deidre, Drake, Jen:
(reposted by JL next day)
Posted Image

March, 5 (Jen, Deidre):
@jen_lilley: I seriously adore the Queen ♡ @DeidreHall @nbcdays #Days #DOOL http://t.co/0FCy8aOtVi
Posted Image

(Deidre and Eric)

Drake, wearing something that looks like a hospital bracelet:
Posted Image

As for EM and others having no idea about Kristen's s/l, I'm not sure if it was really so how it sounded (especially in SOD).
SOD quoted EM on March 3rd (http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/eileen-davidson-back-days-set) saying he doesn't know anything about the s/l ED's filming (which isn't surprising at all, they must have talked to him the week of February 24-28, and Eileen got her first scripts on February 25th (https://twitter.com/eileen_davidson/status/438512198101385216) ).

Maybe it's just my wishfull thinking, but I really hope Kristen/Daniel thing isn't solely concentrated on the character of Daniel as such and involves other character from the very beginning.
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