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There were two (ok maybe more than two) things about Friday's show that had me scratching my head.

1) Why did it seem like Hope knew Gabi killed Nick? Did I miss something? Did Hope read SOD? Other than the fact that it was probably obvious that Will was covering for someone, to me it was a huge leap to just go to Gabi. Yet, the conversation in the apartment definitely suggested that Hope suspected Gabi. I understand that KC said they didn't want to draw this out, but this straight line was just too short and straight.

2) I missed how JenJen learned that Nicole was hiding something from Eric. Did she overhear a conversation between Nicole and Daniel? Did she learn something from JJ (although I not sure what she learned from him other than Ericole were eloping)? And I would have loved to see the scene where JenJen tells Eric about Nicole's misdeeds. But perhaps that required too much acting talent.
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