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Jun 2 2014, 03:49 PM
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probably, lol. Stolen baby by ex (or current) gf of father to make him think it's their own child (check), relationship with niece (check, Abby's sorta Sami's niece thru her marriage to Lucas). Although they had a seriously messed up ending. Then again, EJ/Sami are heading that way too. Oh but Sheridan was so crazy at the end :shame: I mean she tried electrocuting Luis's sister to death! Then again I wouldn't put it past Sami to try something with Kristen given what happened with Eric.
And after everything Shuis went through they still didn't let them end up together. Seems like JER just threw every crazy thing he could think of into the show out of anger once he knew they were canceled.
I'm glad about that. I liked Lancy more than Shuis anyway. :)
Oh goodness, I did not. In fact that bad ending for Shuis is why I'll never get so invested in a soap couple again, lol. They had even surpassed Bope for me which I had thought was impossible. I did think Fancy/Noah had good chem. I admit though, I tuned out of most of the last 2 years b/c of where the show was.

Thinking of Passions always reminds me of my old roommate who was a GH viewer. When I moved in I turned on Days (this was 2010), and she proceeded to say, "Oh, Days, that's the really crazy show". All I could think was that if she thought Days was off the wall she really would have thought Passions was crazy.
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