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I don't disagree that there are some major differences, but I will always take exception to the "was young and misguided girl who was dealing with incredible trauma and emotional upheaval" argument. She was 17. When she kidnapped Belle, she was 16. Sixteen and seventeen year olds know that kidnapping and drugging people are wrong. That's not misguided. A lot of people, especially in Salem, have to deal with emotional upheaval and trauma. That doesn't make her crimes less than they are. It puts them in a larger context, not unlike how Nicole's history and experiences provide a broader context for her. Context and perspective only help our understanding over their motivations, but it doesn't change the severity of what they do.
I think you are completely twisting my points, but whatever.

In my earlier post, I differentiated between the kidnapping and the drugging. The wrong in the kidnapping was a clear cut, but the drugging is not. Let's stipulate that drugging someone is not something that a well adjusted normal person does, regardless of trauma or age. But 17 is till young and scientifically speaking not developed emotionally, physically, cognitively and in terms of maturity. That is why we have juvenile courts.

I am not using history of trauma as a reason to absolve all of Sami's crimes, as you're alluding to, I am just saying, her raping Austin does not have the same weight as EJ's rape or Kristen's rape. When someone is young, troubled and seeking love, they do all kinds of crazy things. Sami was not capable of understanding or connecting her rape to what she was doing to Austin. She just deluded herself that if they "made love," he would love her and they'll be together. She didn't have the full cognitive skills to understand what she was doing and its ramification. If she did the same thing today, then it will be a different story.

Jean Piaget would disagree with you about a 17-year old not having "full cognitive skills".

But, since Elvis "thought he was making love" to Samonther when he raped her, that makes them both still about the same cognitive age as Sami when she raped Austin. Isn't that what he said?
I LOVE a poster who knows who Piaget is!!!!
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