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Jun 3 2014, 07:10 AM
Jun 3 2014, 01:53 AM
Liz can never do anything right in some of your minds, can she? I found it downright refreshing that Liz told Nik that she slept with Ric. That very clearly told me that Liz was strictly confiding in Nik as a friend, nothing more. If Nik was even on her radar as anything else, she would have kept that little detail to herself.

Last week, Liz busted into Alexis home and shot everyone down in regards to Rick. Now Nik convinces her that the paper has all the evidence against him and he is guilty. Like i mentioned before, she was foaming at the mouth to expose Britt's lies, but she now acting like a two year old child that got her feelings hurt in regards to Rick.
How come she can't spent the same energy she used on Britt(,running paternity test behind her back, confessing her undying love to Nik , and exposing Britt's letter) to help to help Rick :shrug: . But she takes Nik word and acts like the true whiny bitch that she always have been for last two decades.
Besides hitman don't leave their weapons with their bosses, they get rid of them, and provide proof of service to their bosses. Fingerprints on the gun have to be provided by gunshot residue on Rick's hands, no GSR means the evidence is questionable and can be thrown out by his attorney.
It just sad that Molly is smarter than two grown women in regards to Rick.
One of whom happens to be a "brilliant " attorney.
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