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There was never anything selfless about Will avoiding his responsibility as a father. He came off as a coward who attempted to rationalize his decision by saying he was doing it for his daughter's sake.
I don't care about how Nick/Gabi/Will storyline was rewritten but I watched it on my screen and I didn't see what you're talking about. Will was straight out of high school, he was struggling with his identity and an older cousin who was an ardent homophone manipulated him into thinking the baby would be better off raised in "stable home," and with two parents. Throughout that first storyline, almost all of Will's conversations with Nick and Gabi (together or separately) revolved around what's best for the baby and about how Gabi and Nick were a better option for her. Will's turbulent childhood came in to the discussion more than anything else. Will agonized over this and when he came to term with the situation and fell in love with his unborn baby, Nick blackmailed him. So, for Will, it was a choice between ruining his family's life or letting his baby live with her mother and the homophobe of her choice. But even that didn't take long for Will to realize it was not a good option for his daughter.

Will was young and confused. Besides, you're making it seem like no one can ever decide their child would have a better life if they were raised by someone else. You are condemning a lot of parents who give up their children out of love and necessity. If biology was the only deciding factor as to what makes a parent then we're in a lot of trouble.
I'd like to agree with you on this but there was a scene between Will and Justin in the square where Will alluded to giving up his daughter so that he wouldn't loose Sonny. That scene was followed by a scene between Sonny and Justin at the coffee house where Justin asked Sonny if he knew why Will was willing to walk away from his daughter. Those scenes aired during that episode where Will saw Sonny leave the coffee house with Brian. And then there was the key return episode in February 2013 where Will actually told Sonny that even though he knew it was messed up he chose Sonny over his own kid. I initially believed Will was giving up his rights because he truly believed he was doing what was best for Ari by giving her a home with two parents, but then these scenes/conversations came along. I didn't like the implication at all that Will was walking away from his child to hold onto Sonny. Whether it's their intention or not, the writers sometimes show Will as choosing Sonny over Ari.
But before any of those scenes aired, plenty of other scenes aired that showed the opposite -- that Will's decision had not had anything to do with Sonny at all but had instead been all about providing the baby with stability. So which do we believe? You might choose to believe the scenes that came later, but I choose to believe the scenes that came first (the very definition of a retcon is a rewriting of something that had already been written); either way, we're both dismissing something that was shown, because the two are in direct conflict and disagreement with each other.
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