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I realize there are many other scenes that refute the claim that Will puts Sonny ahead of Ari. I even said in my last sentence that even if it's not their intention the writers "sometimes" show Will as choosing Sonny. I could cite the move to New York dilema. Will didn't hesitate for one second to choose Ari and made the decision to move to New York with Gabi, with or without Sonny.

My point is, and always will be, who Will puts ahead of the other completely depends on whatever story the writers are attempting to tell. When Gabi's pregnancy was a secret, we had no doubt Will was doing what he did because he thought it was best for the baby. When it was time for Will and Sonny to reconcile, the writers had it appear Will sacrificed being in his daughters life so that he wouldn't lose Sonny. When Gabi was considering moving to NY, Will decided to move with her and Ari. When Will thought Sonny killed Nick, he chose to not be apart of his daughters life so that he could save Sonny.
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