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Renee Dimera
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Jun 3 2014, 03:33 PM
Renee Dimera
Jun 3 2014, 12:22 PM
Jun 3 2014, 11:08 AM
RIP Trista Evans Bradford
Aw, Trista. I really didn't see that coming at the time. Barbara Crampton was a little rough around the edges acting-wise, but she grew into a fine actress on Y&R.

Reading these synopses now, it's obvious that the Tony/Andre storyline hadn't been conceived yet. Clearly this is Tony grieving for Renee and offering a reward for her killer and NOT Andre. It just doesn't ring true when they later explain that Tony was kidnapped from the wine cellar and replaced with Andre just before the murder. I distinctly remember a scene of Tony sitting and reminiscing in the Dimera living room with Renee's cat Moonshine on his lap. But it was Andre's allergy to cats that ultimately helped Roman realize that he wasn't Tony. Plot holes. :)
I was thinking the same thing. I clearly can't remember when Andre locked Tony up. But I do remember Roman figuring out about Moonshine. Still hated the fact that Renee was not part of this. Loved that woman.
If memory serves me right, Tony told Renee that he was going down to the wine cellar to get a bottle of champagne with which they would toast their reconciliation. Afterward, they would go downstairs together and tell the partygoers that they would be married once Renee's marriage to Alex was annulled.

Months later, when Andre taunted the imprisoned Tony in the secret room, he explained (and we saw via a newly filmed segment) how he (Andre) returned to Renee's bedroom with the champagne after Tony's abduction. He called Renee "doll face" or something similar and took her hands in his. She commented that he sounded strange, but when she felt his calloused hands she knew he wasn't Tony. She called him an imposter and said she was going to get Roman, so he killed her.

I took great pride in the fact that Renee knew immediately that he was an imposter, yet Anna was with him for months and didn't realize it. That shows who truly loved him...
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