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Jun 4 2014, 12:03 AM
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Personally -- and I mean no offense to anyone here with what I'm about to say, as you're all entitled to your opinions -- I think it's just the opposite -- I think that she (and/or Alison Sweeney) just annoys some people so much that they are able to find faults in her even when there aren't really any to be found. The same is true of Daniel, IMO.

And the same phenomenon occurs with Nicole, but in reverse. People are remarkably sympathetic to her every plight, even when they shouldn't be. I swear, I sometimes feel like if she suffered a paper cut on-screen, there would be pages and pages of posts about the injustice of it all. :lol:
I personally love Alison Sweeney. I watch her both on Days and as the host of the Biggest loser

Quotes like this always brings it back to the fact it will always be TeamAlison vs TeamArianne And I'm Team Arianne for life :bye:
Only if one insists on making it a competition. I like both actresses. It's not hard. :shrug:
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