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Jun 4 2014, 07:55 AM
Jun 4 2014, 05:11 AM
Jun 4 2014, 01:25 AM
Fingerprints on the gun have to be provided by gunshot residue on Rick's hands, no GSR means the evidence is questionable and can be thrown out by his attorney.

What are you even babbling about here? Are you really that ignorant about forensics? Are you implying that Ric would not have had a shower or even washed his hands since the hitman was found in the park? GSR is only useful if you test for it immediately, once you wash it off, it's gone forever.

Guns have to proven by the police that it was the weapon used for the crime and GSR proves that Rick committed the physical act of firing the gun( putting his fingers on the gun and actually firing the weapon). Since Rick has not GSR on him, the evidence is weak and circumstancal and can be thrown out by any attorney. It like someone said they got raped, but no physical evidence ties the suspect to the victim.
After the Heather/Franco incident, i wouldn't trust the PCPD about anything, period.
Most police officers know when the evidence is laid out in a straight line know that something is quite wrong.
The gun and Ric's fingerprints on it s not the only evidence the police have against him.There's the money trail traced back to him.

Rick is a former DA of Port Charles and he knows the rules of evidence and chain of custody. All he had to do was hire Forensics experts in computers and weapons discharge to get the evidence thrown out. Beside the PCPD should carefully review all evidence especially after the Franco/Heather incident. I mean they believed all the evidence in Franco's case and it blew up in their faces.
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