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Today was a strong episode.

I LOVE Morgan x3!!! He's the only guy in PC that calls people out on their BS and isn't afraid to say what he need to say and what needs to be said. He gets that from Carly. Speaking of Carly, she really wants Sonny to kill Ava, who wants to do it himself, but that baby is Ava's 9 months insurance.

I really didn't like Nina's official debut. Something about her tells me she's a Madeline Jr. the minute she discovers everything and starts walking. I was expecting Nathan, Silas, and Sam to discover her at the clinic and they share an emotional reunion. Ava's definitely going to have her hands full with her. I'm also speculating Kiki isn't Ava's for the longest since she's trying to get back good with her. I don't think ME did a good job tbh.

I'm starting to think that there's more to Levi and that his intentions on entering Maxie's life wasn't something that just happened. I think he's Mac's long lost son. It explains why he manipulate Maxie emotionally when it comes to certain things in her life, but what really gave it away was when he told Mac that Maxie wasn't really his daughter. John York really did a good job in that scene. The actor that plays Levi really mesh with JY. I didn't find Levi annoying, but rather intriguing.

I'm so glad Nathan was supporting Maxie today and Diane was right, he's definitely a keeper. I'm so ready for them to get serious.

Patrick and Sabrina scenes were very emotional with Gabriel. When his heart stop beating, I cried when the show went off. It was too close to home. Everyone involved did a good job.

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