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February 6, 2013 (The scene starts at 8:30.)

In the episode when Will gives Sonny his apartment key back, Sonny is telling Will that he still doesnít trust Gabi. Will acknowledges that there is something about Gabi that Sonny canít tell him.

SPOILER: Will realizes Sonny has kept a secret from him.

I hope the writers didnít forget this. I donít want them rewriting history and have Will be completely surprised that Sonny was keeping a secret about Gabi.
They've changed everything else to make a contrived angst or to fit with their current plot so why not this one.
I agree. I can easily see them rewriting part of the story to Will never knowing that Sonny was keeping a Gabi secret all this time. They'll probably also conveniently forget that both Justin and Chad told/begged Sonny to keep the secret from Will as well. Anything to create the least bit of non-lasting angst. Tbh, part of me is surprised they even remembered that Sonny knew the Melanie/Gabi secret in the first place. The only times it was brought up was when Gabi was threatening Sonny with it.
accept for spoilers don't read that why they read as Gabi's confession making Will wonder what Secret that Sonny's been keeping. Typically I wouldn't put it past day's writers to do a minor re-write in a situation like this but Sonny never told Will enough for it to be needed. All Will ever knew is a secret existed period. And spoilers read as through the fact that Gabi confessed leaves Will wondering looking to learn the secret for Sonny. Spoilers tend to overstate things the way that reads could simple be Will finally asking for what the Gabi secret is, it could be that Will assumes Gabi confessed to it there by Chad not landing in trouble if Sonny reveals it.
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