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Allison Paige, Keving Riggin, and Casey worked.

These guys @KRiggin815 @1caseymoss #DOOL @nbcdays
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Deidre, Meredith, Jen, Chrishell, Kristian, Daniel, Greg, and the Udell twins all worked. They did not work on the Brady Pub set. **it’s always possible that the Udell twins’ pics are old

Deidre Hall
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Marlena practices what she preaches...by letting Anne polish her nails!! Meredith actually helped me between scenes so we thought it would make a funny picture. Right???"

Tried to get a coffee at Brady's Pub, but I guess it's closed on Tuesdays ;) #DAYS http://instagram.com/p/oyiTXZASBm/
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;))) pic.twitter.com/yo7GdXCANT
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Always a treat hanging out with this guy! @greg_vaughan 4sweets11 #days http://instagram.com/p/oxQOuAj7Dn/
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Having a blast on set with these geniuses :) @DeidreHall @MeredithSLynn @nbcdays #Days pic.twitter.com/Cljc5NoXnh
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Jen, Ari, Chrishell, Galen, and Rob all worked. Kassie reported that Eve will first air on June 18th.

So a zebra & a giraffe walk into a bar ... #Days ari_zucker http://instagram.com/p/o1E1zWoi02/
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Chrishell Stause
Hey @galengering take it easy on my lil bro robertscottwilson #DAYS http://instagram.com/p/o1siX0ASBk/
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Kassie DePaiva @KassieDePaiva now
“@jsms99: Do we know the official day @KassieDePaiva will premiere on #Days?” Yes ma'am… It's June 18! #days #oltl

Kate, Kassie, Chrishell, Eric, Jen, Deidre, and Meredith all worked. The Udell and Rose twins may have worked, but it looks like a pic from a couple of weeks ago. Jen wants her house to be connected to her friends’ houses by tunnels, leading us to wonder if Salem tunnels have become relevant again. Judie the promo lady teased a double twist coming up.

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 5m
@kassiedepaiva and I are discussing the importance of men with “zhuzh” e.g. : @timothy0lyphant. early morning makeup room #realtalk.

Kassie DePaiva @KassieDePaiva now
@KateMansi Too many men... too little time! You have lots of time... Many men!!

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 1h
@KassieDePaiva but only a few with that #zhuzh. ;) LOVED our scenes today btw. You’re on badass bitch lady XO

Chrishell Stause ţ@Chrishell7 ·57m @ericmartsolf @jen_lilley Great scenes you guys just filmed.

Steve Udell
Twins! #days http://instagram.com/p/o35Gfnj7NJ/
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Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 21m (Deidre, Jen, Meredith)
I know how you feel about these characters, but the women are fabulous and hilarious! We had a scene exchanging... http://fb.me/1nGT8SNuw

Jen Lilley
I wish my friends' houses were connected to mine by secret tunnels.

@heyjude14 "Judie last question I don't know if you can answer or not. Do these promos involved a certain secret coming out?"

@SBlover130 "can't disclose...let's just say there's a twist you won't see coming"

@heyjude14 @SBlover130 "We read in SOD that Sami will ask Abigail to be her maid of honor. Is that the twist or is it something else? Thanks!"

@noelleharmony @SBlover130 "you'll have to wait and see...but it's really good...a double twist"

Kristian worked and confirmed that Hope does have a house.

KJAlfonso: Wardrobe ;)) and jewels ;) http://pic.twitter.com/crFjPpxUXH
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KJAlfonso: Lol yes,sept TSC;))RT @flygirlz320: @KJAlfonso oh pretty love the necklace...is it a new piece? http://pic.twitter.com/Ox53dgmXTl
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StevenBramley38: @KJAlfonso Just a HOPE question..Does HOPE have a house? Wish SHAUN D would come back..:)
KJAlfonso: @StevenBramley38 She does;)

Deidre did a q&A. She mentioned they just filmed Halloween, there’s something sweet happening one day for John and Marlena, she threw some shade at Maggie, and mentioned doing stand up on the show.

DeidreHall: @keebiller Hi Kathy! We just taped the Halloween episode! Odd, huh?

DeidreHall:@MarciaRov We do 7 episodes a week. That's how we get so far ahead!! it's a budget issue.

DeidreHall:@jen_lilley Thanks Jen! You're my champion! See you Wednesday.

KBMSPT: @DeidreHall if you are still answering fan questions, do you want Marlena and John back together as much as us fans do?
DeidreHall: @KBMSPT It's my policy to support whatever the fans want. That is why we're there, right?

deemarie1968: @DeidreHall Marlena has been a crabby apple this past year. Will we get to see 'happy' Marlena soon? The fans really miss her.
DeidreHall: @deemarie1968 Not as much as I miss Marlena being joyous. You'll see me doing Stand Up on the show soon!!

DebbieB49450137: @DeidreHall Are you leaving Days Of Our Lives anytime soon? So many great ones are leaving :(.
DeidreHall: @DebbieB49450137 Not unless it's at gunpoint! It's my home and I hope to be there forever!

LMC_writer: @DeidreHall I'm sad to see the demise of Marlena & Maggie's great friendship? Does it bother you that there seems to be no repair to it?
DeidreHall: @LMC_writer Not at all. her journey to the dark side has left Marlena disgusted.

PoenieMarais: @DeidreHall ever think of going a lighter blonde and longer hair again?
DeidreHall: @PoenieMarais No. The lighting cannot handle much blonde without blowing it out. You may have noticed several of the actresses going darker.

DellianaRose: @DeidreHall What's your favourite part about playing Marlena?
DeidreHall: @DellianaRose being accepted and valued in a place I love by people I respect.

JodyWms49: @DeidreHall Hi Deidre. Suggestion, why not bring back Don (Jed Allan) and let him, Roman, and John fight for a realationship with Marlena.
DeidreHall: @JodyWms49 Nah.

DeidreHall: @StephanieLukas1 We explain in the script. 'It was that step outside the doctor's lounge...just a sprain." Mine took 2 plates and 5 pins!

jarlenabrat: @DeidreHall if u had the choice, would u want Marlena to be with John or Roman? Also, have u had scenes with Drake lately? We ur J&M pics.
DeidreHall: @jarlenabrat John, cuz that;s what the fans want!! Yes, Drake and I had some sweet moments Friday.

DaysBitch: @DeidreHall how do you feel that the fans really cant feel the excitement seeing you and others on TV during the @DaytimeEmmys
DeidreHall: @DaysBitch @DaytimeEmmys it's deeply disappointing for everyone. So sorry. The winners have been invited on The Talk for Monday.

DeidreHall: @Biagioni28 I've always wanted to write a manners book.

DeidreHall: @alyssaaam1 Joe is great! Always shows up in the make-up room in character.

Daily Spoilers
Days of our Lives
Monday, June 2, 2014

The truth about Nick’s murder is revealed – and several lives will never be the same.

Eric confronts Nicole over her deception!

Jennifer ponders the fallout of her decision.

Days of our Lives
Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Protective of Rafe, Sami rips into a stunned Jordan.

Marlena learns a stunning secret about a family member.

An emotional Nicole makes a final plea to Eric and begs for his forgiveness.

Brady loses it when John tries to come between him and Theresa.

Days of our Lives
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nick’s murderer prepares for life in prison – but has one last confession to make.

Ben is alarmed when Paige recognizes him.

An emotional Hope breaks down in Aiden’s arms.

Brady and John’s fight spins out of control – and Theresa has a front row seat.

SOD Articles
Julie confronts Gabi
Gabi leaves for prison
Eric to Nicole: Take off the ring!

Odds and Ends
An autographed script showed a new hire named Billy Flynn
The promo was Ejami vs Kate
Ratings were down over last week and last year
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