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NE Spoilers for week of June 23rd

Ava taunts Sonny about her unborn baby

Silas rushes to Nina's aid

Sam has her doubts about Nina

Carly has a warning for Ava

Nina reveals her true colors

Maxie shares her custody verdict with Lulu

Franco is jealous over Carly's new bond with Sonny


Monday, 6/23
Carly issues a warning to Ava; Kiki helps Franco babysit Josslyn.

Tuesday, 6/24
Maxie is angry about Nathan's suspicions of Levi; Silas races to help Nina.

Wednesday, 6/25
Spencer asks Sonny for help with his love life; Josslyn encourages Franco to get a new job.

Thursday, 6/26
Carly tells Sonny that Franco feels threatened by their new bond; Anna catches Nathan and Levi arguing aobut Maxie.

Friday, 6/27
Sam makes a shocking discovery about the car accident; Michael, Morgan and Kiki begin renovating the brownstone.

Directv Channel Guide Spoilers

Mon 6/23
Ava gets a warning from Carly; Nina shows her true colors; Maxie talks to Lulu about the custody verdict.

Tue 6/24
Carly's bond with Sonny makes Franco jealous; Ava taunts Sonny; Silas rushes to help Nina.

Wed 6/25
Josslyn pushes Franco to look for a new job; Sam harbors doubts about Nina; Obrecht has a plot for Britt.

Thu 6/26
Obrecht has a proposition for Franco; Levi and Nathan are at odds; Patrick tries to remember details about the crash.

Fri 6/27
Sam and Patrick visit a mechanic; Tracy tries to get back into ELQ; Franco catches Sonny and Carly embracing.

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