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Jun 11 2014, 02:30 PM
Jun 11 2014, 02:23 PM

Abigail ends up in EJ's arms

:cheer: Yes, please. :D
I'm betting she collapses (which we were hoping for but got Jack) or she falls or she faints (sad, sad) or trips or crys in his arms. Too bad he's leaving but I'm glad he's not leaving because Ali was leaving, that made me happy, to me that would have made the actor a total loser...sorry I got side tracked.

I only want one thing...just one... I want a bad boy for Abby, this Ben does nothing for me, he's like the model of Ben. I wonder does the guy have any acting skills or is he just a model, I've watched him a few times and he does nothing for me and neither do they. I like Abby playing opposite the bad boy, she's nice & sweet yet not perfect (can't believe how much she judged Gabi, I mean pick up a rock and throw it you fake pregnancy, fake sex, marriage break-upping, affair having hussy(still I passionately love her character :shrug: go figure)) she's also a smart alleck and quite judgemental and quite a talk over you kind of gal. She needs a bad guy to butt heads with.
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