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Abigail ends up in EJ's arms

Yesssss. I need some EJabby, even though everything involving EJ and/or Sami is totally pointless now. I will still enjoy seeing this. Now that I don't hate Ben I can just enjoy the EJabby scenes for what they are and not hold on to any hope of the writers actually doing anything with them.

Rafe demands that Jordan reveal all her secrets she's been keeping

Oh yeah, I'm sure that's going to work. Boring.

Theresa figures out the key to keeping Brady by her side

Guess we are going to get the first coke line off of an ass in daytime television history.

Hope and Aiden get surprising news from Ciara and Chase

Happy to see Hope and Aiden (and Ciara) in the spoilers, but this seems like more filler. I bet its something like, "We're getting along now."

Kate gets a major lead on Jordan's past

Bring this on because its going to be this creepy guy who is dangerous. I just need pieces of this story to start spilling out now since we know the reveal isn't until November Sweeps. This will be the first thing that has really happened in the whole story.

A troubled Brady seeks out help from Maggie

Can this asshole just grow up? I'm so done with Brady wanting help then being a jackass to everyone and relapsing. He isn't even a fun drunk or druggy.
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