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February 6, 2013 (The scene starts at 8:30.)

In the episode when Will gives Sonny his apartment key back, Sonny is telling Will that he still doesnít trust Gabi. Will acknowledges that there is something about Gabi that Sonny canít tell him.

SPOILER: Will realizes Sonny has kept a secret from him.

I hope the writers didnít forget this. I donít want them rewriting history and have Will be completely surprised that Sonny was keeping a secret about Gabi.
They've changed everything else to make a contrived angst or to fit with their current plot so why not this one.
I agree. I can easily see them rewriting part of the story to Will never knowing that Sonny was keeping a Gabi secret all this time. They'll probably also conveniently forget that both Justin and Chad told/begged Sonny to keep the secret from Will as well. Anything to create the least bit of non-lasting angst. Tbh, part of me is surprised they even remembered that Sonny knew the Melanie/Gabi secret in the first place. The only times it was brought up was when Gabi was threatening Sonny with it.
I disagree with the last part. It's been implied a few times since then. When the guys were asking Gabi to move in with them last June. Gabi was surprised it was Sonny's idea after everything that had happened between them. And again last November when Will returned from his writing conference. Will was surprised that Sonny and Gabi were getting along.

I agree that Days wouldn't think twice about rewriting history to serve the current plot, but I don't think that the writers have forgotten that there is angst between Sonny and Gabi because of the secret Gabi has been keeping about Melanie's kidnapping.
Sonny also had a nightmare in January about Nick interrupting a potential marriage proposal attempt to reveal to Will that Sonny had been lying to him about something for over a year. It was one of the only times we got to see even a hint of a possibility that Sonny had been harboring feelings of guilt for keeping the secret from Will.

Also, when Sami and E.J. were pressuring Will to get a paternity test done during Gabi's pregnancy, they implied that Will didn't know Gabi as well as he thought he did, and he proceeded to complain about the fact that multiple people knew a secret about Gabi that they were refusing to tell him.

But it hasn't been alluded to much, if at all, since Guy Wilson took over the role. Which could be cause for concern, but hopefully not.
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