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Soap Opera In Depth is all over Twitter saying things like this

Soaps In Depth ABC ‏@soapsindepthabc 38m
Folks, dont ASSUME that if Billy Miller joins #GH, it'll be as Jason. He could play another part. Hed make a great Dillon, for example.

Soaps In Depth ABC ‏@soapsindepthabc 34m
Liz, you just learned the meaning of "be careful what you wish for!" #GH

Soaps In Depth ABC
Liz is pushing her LUCK

Could be nothing r something. I would like to see, if this rumor is true, that he is Lucky or Dillion. I like how Sam has moved on. If they hadn't killed AJ, I would have liked to see the dynamic between the brothers. JJ had a great time on GH, but I think he won't be back. My favorite for Miller? Lucky. I think a nice quad would be Lucky, Liz, Nic, Britt. JMO

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