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Jun 13 2014, 05:38 PM
Jun 13 2014, 02:15 PM
Soap Opera In Depth is all over Twitter saying things like this

Soaps In Depth ABC ‏@soapsindepthabc 38m
Folks, dont ASSUME that if Billy Miller joins #GH, it'll be as Jason. He could play another part. Hed make a great Dillon, for example.

Soaps In Depth ABC ‏@soapsindepthabc 34m
Liz, you just learned the meaning of "be careful what you wish for!" #GH

Soaps In Depth ABC
Liz is pushing her LUCK

Could be nothing r something. I would like to see, if this rumor is true, that he is Lucky or Dillion. I like how Sam has moved on. If they hadn't killed AJ, I would have liked to see the dynamic between the brothers. JJ had a great time on GH, but I think he won't be back. My favorite for Miller? Lucky. I think a nice quad would be Lucky, Liz, Nic, Britt. JMO

The TPTB went on twitter stating that MS was not coming to GH and luckily some fans did not believe them. It just a media smokescreen, BM is coming to GH. At least he will be a sexy JM.
I don't know if its related but Thaoo Penglis said today that he was asked back. Who knows if its related to Jason or perhaps he's back to play out Nathan's paternity with Obrecht or BOTH.
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