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Jun 14 2014, 02:03 PM
so i just finished them, and the Y&R and Days reels are just so different it's tough to compare. I can't say I'd be surprised if YR won, but Days has very strong reels of their own.

I'd probably rank them,

1. Days
2. Y&R (it's 1 storyline, that's it; I don't think one story should get you the emmy)
4. B&B

I really found the tv show stuff on B&B tedious. The confrontation was pretty good though.

OLTL was good, but it was a bit slow in places. All in all I thought it was a strong showing.

My last comment is watching all the other submissions really makes me realize how much less money Days has. It's production values just really aren't as good as the rest. Although I'm guessing the Y&R scenes (with the cars, and probably the parking lot and market) were set up just for that sequence, so they probably had gone all out for that. And OLTL trying to move online, I know they poured a lot into it. It just makes me wish Days could do some more group shoots mainly.

Edit: last comment about the reels, OMG I forgot how cute Lumi are! I miss them :(
totally agree. The emmy should go to DOOL because both episodes involved much of the cast and several storylines. Thats what a Daytime Drama should have, not just one noted.
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