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GH has a large cast nonetheless they use it very well..
I like the rotation of stories..
The actors like their time to pursue other projects and GH gives the time to them to do that, by having a larger rotating cast..

Y&R does not do that and so they lost MS and BM and others over that fact they are bound in and not free to do other projects..

Then again, Y&R plays the same handful of characters everyday near without fail, never anything or anyone new to give it a lift..
The same stories and people, everyday.

FV would never cast Billy Miller as AJ or Jason..
It is rare a known soap actor, a star, replaces another star on a different soap..
soap stars can go to another soaps in a roll created for them, but never to replace a star/character with a star known character...

new rolls are offered them..
no vet star wants to replace another vet star character.. ..
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