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Jun 12 2014, 01:13 PM
Jun 12 2014, 12:25 PM
Jun 12 2014, 12:06 PM
Facebook Followers:

1.) GH = 1,262,856
2.) Y&R = 1,222,665
3.) DAYS = 1,171,128
4.) B&B = 468,248
I find this interesting. B/c this means either,

1. More Days/GH fans really do watch online/other format that isn't counted
2. YR/BB fans just aren't as technologically savy
3. Days/GH have more fans who watch "occassionally"
4. Days/GH fans simply care more about the shows
5. Some combo of the above
I think that especially 2. applies, and even more accurately, I don't think it's necessarily even about "savvyness" but about not being interested in using. Also, Y&R viewers especially are older in average than Days or GH......

Also 1. definitely holds true I think. And also 3.

Y&R especially is a show that is watched every day no matter how horrid and awful that show is, those viewers cannot not watch because it is a big part of their routine.... whereas I think much more Days and GH viewers actually do not watch if they don't want to.
i had to go and look at the FB pages for the other three. GH and Days have very similar interaction levels, about 10K people "like" each post. Y&R though is shockingly low around 3.5K, and B&B (which admittedly has less than half of the likes the other three do on FB) is down around 3K per post.

For the bigger daily eppi posts though (like the Gabi/Ari pick from a few days ago) Days got over 23.5K likes. For their storyline based posts, GH got up to 20K for this, "Alexis has Julian rethinking his life of crime as the PCPD closes in, today on #GH."

I admit I find this fascinating. I wish someone would profile the fans for each, I feel like we'd discover deep patterns.
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