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WEEK OF MARCH 19 - MARCH 23, 1984
Stefano's mystery prison turned out to be the real Tony DiMera. Tony's cousin, who had had plastic surgery, was impersonating Tony. Liz's amnesia vanished when she sound of gunfire triggered her memory back to normal. Roman learned that Tony (Andre) owned the surveillance equipment planted in Gene's house. Gene and Bo learned that Stefano's former doctor had been murdered. Liz was upset that Neil had gone to Miami. Roman found proof that Stefano knew Mrs. Neeley's husband, killed by the Slasher. Larry forced Diane to lie to Hope that she was pregnant by Bo.
WEEK OF MARCH 26 - MARCH 30, 1984
Gene, Bo, and Roman puzzled over clues that indicate Stefano is alive. Chris went into a panic when Sandy said she loves him. Pete realized that he's not playing in the same social ballpark as Melissa. Larry's passionate kisses took Hope's breath away. Liz located the hotel Neil's holed up in. Alex was furious that someone used his name and his money to buy the Salem Inn. Bo and Gene searched Tony's (Andre's) apartment for clues to the Slasher's identity while trying to prove that Stefano's alive. Sandy is jealous of Chris' friendship with Tess.


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