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Meanwhile, Doug and Julie have gone off on their cruise without a hint that it would be long term. We didn't see them on-screen together again until December 1993. :redface:
Actually, it was January 1993! Doug and Julie reunited in her last episode when she was fired (and Elizabeth Harrower, Susan's mom, wrote the episode). Then they came back for Christmas (Tom's last one).
Jason, I remember Julie leaving Salem to join Doug but don't remember Doug being shown. Do you know if there is a clip on youtube?
I searched YouTube and didn't see it. Here's the episode info:

1/28/93: Abe, Alice, Billie, Bo, Carly, John, Julie, Marlena, Rebecca, Roman, Sami, Victor, Doug, Lexie, Cash, Nun, Cop # 1 (Frank), Cop # 2, Cop # 3, Paramedic # 1, Paramedic # 2, Reporter # 1, Reporter # 2, Doctor, Chez Vous Waiter.
Sets: Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge, Brady’s Pub, Roman & Marlena's Living Room, Pier, Casey’s Roadhouse, Doug’s Room in Switzerland, Chez Vous, Hospital Operating Room.

And from Beth's archive, here's the synopsis:

Julie calls Alice from Zurich. They won't tell her where Doug is. She is in what is supposed to be his room but he is not there. Alice tells her to go down to the desk and demand to see him. While she is on the phone, Doug walks into the room. He sneaks out and when she turns around he is sitting in a wheelchair in front of her. She tries to convince him that he should be in a major medical facility but he tells her he wants her to nurse him. Unfortunately for him at that moment a nun comes in and takes away the wheelchair, leaving him standing in front of his not so pleased ex-wife, He tells her it was the only way he could get her over there and tells her that he can't stand it without her. He says he can't believe she divorced him that last time and she says he was the one that signed the stupid divorce papers first. Then he asks her to marry him again and she says she can't, she already married him twice and she can't make that mistake again. She won't leave Salem and all her family and Doug asks her if she is happy. He says if she is he will book tickets on the plane home. She tells him that he should book the tickets then, but before she leaves he gives her a gift which he tells her not to open until she gets home. When she is gone he picks up a picture of her and starts to sing 'the most beautiful girl in the world'. As he puts the picture down he hears the music. In the doorway Julie is holding a silver music box. She says that he knew that she wouldn't wait till she got home to open the gift and he says that he hoped she wouldn't. She wants to hear those words again and he asks 'for the last time'? She tells him, no, for the rest of her life (Awwww ..)
Thanks Jason! I managed to miss that one. The last I remember was Julie telling Tom, Alice, Jack, and Maggie goodbye at the newspaper office. Hope it turns up on youtube sometime.
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