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Jun 22 2014, 03:38 PM
Jun 14 2014, 09:28 PM
GH has a large cast nonetheless they use it very well..I like the rotation of stories..The actors like their time to pursue other projects and GH gives the time to them to do that, by having a larger rotating cast..FV would never cast Billy Miller as AJ or Jason..It is rare a known soap actor, a star, replaces another star on a different soap..
soap stars can go to another soaps in a roll created for them, but never to replace a star/character with a star known character... new rolls are offered them.. no vet star wants to replace another vet star character.. ..
Thorsten Kaye who is a well known soap actor replaced Ronn Moss as Ridge as B&B.So that's proof a well known actor can and will replace another actor on a soap.As for Billy Miller i think he'll be playing Jason but the question might be is it the same Jason we last saw or has he gotten all his memories back?So he could return as jason Morgan or as Jason Quartermaine or even a combination.
Also Gina Tognoni is taking over the role of Phyllis on Y&R.
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