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Jun 23 2014, 10:54 AM

A reunited Liz and Neil made wedding plans. Stefano ordered Roman taken prisoner after learning that Roman has the Baka, which Bo found in Tony's (Andre's) safe. Roman was shocked to learn that Stefano's alive after finding his fingerprints on a chess piece in Mrs. Venable's penthouse, which is Stefano's hideout. Diane lied to Larry that she seduced Bo, as Larry had ordered. Larry resisted Hope's sexual advances, and lied that he doesn't want her on the rebound from Bo. Melissa warned that Pete may have to decide whether his loyalty lies with the Vipers or the people trying to help him. Anna told Alex that she suspects Delia is stealing his money. Chris fumed to catch Alex coming on to Tess, whom Alex hired as a housekeeper. Stefano confided to Delia that Andre will have to die to avenge Renee's death.
WEEK OF APRIL 9 - APRIL 13, 1984
As he had planned, Roman was abducted by Stefano's henchman, but Stefano didn't reveal the slayer's identity. Marlena consulted Neil about her fainting spells and learned that she's pregnant. To cover up that Roman is still alive, Eugene admitted that he's the father and wed Marlena in a quickie ceremony. Delia and Andre plotted to disassociate themselves from Stefano in case he's caught. Gwen pulled away from Larry's kisses, insisting that she won't be a sex substitute for Hope. Anna stole Tony's (Andre's) key to the dungeon and let out a blood-curdling cry when she unmasked the prisoner. While Sandy is on a medical trip, Chris dated Tess.
WEEK OF APRIL 16 - APRIL 20, 1984
Liz and Neil were married. Neil rescued Carlo Forenza, the son of Neil's deceased war buddy, from a Latin American prison. Tony convinced Anna of his true identity. Delia and Andre chained Anna up with Tony after catching her in the dungeon. Melissa and Pete shared their first romantic kiss. Andre revealed that he killed Renee because she had realized he wasn't Tony, but Andre admitted that Stefano hadn't ordered Renee's death. Larry investigated Bo's past. Roman, who escaped from Stefano's henchmen, was ecstatic over Marlena's pregnancy.

COVER DATE: MAY 22, 1984

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Hello to hot and a very young sexy Don Diamont as Carlo Forenza
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