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WEEK OF APRIL 23 - APRIL 27, 1984
Larry forced Diane to get info on Bo's former girlfriend, Megan Hathaway. Tess kept mum about the mysterious phone calls. Stefano recaptured Roman; let him see that the real Tony is alive; and then insisted that Marlena will be killed. Larry moved Hope into his parents' house and warned her to curb her budding alcohol habit. Carlo nixed moving in with Liz and Neil. Stefano advised Roman that his final revenge on everyone in Salem would occur during the hospital fundraiser. Diane's pimp, Nick, beat her for running away; then forced her to tell him about Larry's interest in Hope. Believing that he has bedroom plans for her, Tess nixed Chris' job offer.
WEEK OF APRIL 30 - May 4, 1984
Alex fumed after falling for May's business venture, which cost him his fortune. Roman found Anna and Tony in the dungeon. Stefano informed Roman that Marlena's at the concert with Andre, who's the killer that Roman's been searching for. Stefano took over as conductor at the concert after his men killed the real maestro. Stefano's men planted a bomb in the concert hall. Pete resisted when his gang members warned him to stop seeing Melissa. Unaware that Nick is following him, Larry convinced Hope to join him on a trip to Las Vegas. Andre was furious that Anna tried to escape from him. Chris squired Gwen to the concert after Tess nixed his invitation.


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