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WEEK OF MAY 7 - MAY 11, 1984
Bo rescued Marlena before Andre, who was disguised as Roman, could fulfill Stefano's order to kill her. Realizing that his plan to terminate Roman was fizzling, Stefano tried to escape in a limo driven by his sidekick Petrov, but the car plunged off the end of a pier.
WEEK OF MAY 14 - MAY 18, 1984
Roman allowed reporter Brenda Carlyle to move in with him and Marlena in order to write an accurate story on Stefano's plots. Bo's leg were paralyzed by a bullet fragment lodged near his spine. Hope agreed to marry Larry after believing Diane's lie that Bo only has eyes for his ex-girlfriend, Megan. Megan's father, banker Maxwell Hathaway, returned to Salem. Delia helped Andre escape from the hospital. Roman was upset that the police didn't find Stefano's or Petrov's body in the river. Tess moved into Chris' pad and took a job as his housekeeper. Pete was embarrassed when Melissa saw the shabby apartment his parents live in. Bo told Roman he won't interfere with Hope's plan to marry Larry. Tess' father, who had chest pains, accused her of being a hooker.


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