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WEEK OF MAY 21 - MAY 25, 1984
Maxwell warned Larry he knows Larry started the rumor that Max's bank is failing. Max made an offer to buy Alex's shares of Anderson Mfg. While on a business trip, Larry seduced Hope. Diane followed Larry's orders to keep Bo from contacting Hope, bu Bo searched for Hope after he regained the use of his legs. Tess realized she has romantic feelings for Chris. Tony gave in to his desire to possess Anna even though she had made love with Andre. Brenda took a liking to Abe. Tony vowed he'll track down Andre, who split town in a stolen boat. Roman suspected Delia, who also disappeared, withdrew large sums of money from an Australian bank. LIz leased her old family mansion back from Stefano's estate. Max cast a lecherous eye at Gwen's body. Doug phoned Liz who accepted his offer to sell her Doug's Place.
WEEK OF MAY 28 - JUNE 1, 1984
Bo rushed to the church and swept Hope away on his motorcycle before she could marry Larry. Larry nearly had a stroke when he lifted his new "bride's" veil and found Bo's detective pal Howie dressed in Hope's wedding garb. Chris and Tess's attraction to each other didn't escape the notice of Chris' friends. Bo was delighted to learn that Hope had nixed sleeping with Larry before marriage. Despite Larry's threats, Diane told Bo that Larry had blackmailed her into keeping Bo and Hope apart. Tess was upset that Melissa ignored her warning to stay away from Pete. Maggie learned that Melissa lied that she's been dating Carlo while she was really dating Pete on the sly. Neil's pride was wounded when Liz wanted to use her own money to buy Doug's Place. Anna agreed to help Alex find out why Maxwell is in town.


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