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Suffering a collapsed lung and a crushed chest, Carlo's condition is critical. A henchman, Jeffrey, reported to his underworld boss Mr. LeBek that he has located Alan Jackson, a.k.a. Neil Curtis. Carlo's grandfather, David LeBek, held Liz at gunpoint and threatened to kill Neil if Carlo doesn't pull through. Shane and Kimberly realized they're attracted to each other. The Bradys freaked out when Eric was arrested for molesting a young girl. Kimberly told Abe she was abused by Eric when she was a little girl. Bo punched out one of Kimberly's former johns, who loudly proclaimed that Kimberly is a hooker. Marlena is curious about Jimmy Porterfield, a fan of her former radio therapy show. Megan schemed to get rid of Hope - permanently. Eugene's mom, Vanessa Van Kessler, doesn't approve of Calliope, who is engaged to Eugene. Marlena vowed to get Stefano.
WEEK OF DECEMBER 31, 1984 - JANUARY 4, 1985
Danielle shot and killed her father-in-law, LeBek, because he had ordered the death of his own son, who was also Carlo's father. After arguing with LeBek, Carlo died of a brain hemorrhage. Pete and Melissa shared a New Year's Eve kiss, but she didn't reconcile with him. Hope freaked to find a near-naked Melissa in Bo's pad. Linda and Alex paid Speed's father, Paul, who blew up Anderson Manufacturing. Tom and Alice failed to save a badly burned Paul, who died from a reaction to the morphine shot Tom gave him. Marlena spent time with Jimmy, who's luring her into a mysterious trap. Shane promised to help Kimberly destroy Linda's evidence of Kimberly's prostitute past. Shawn had a heart attack after Kimberly admitted she was once molested by Eric. Abe and Don worried about Marlena, who secretly searched for Stefano and info on the Triad Experiment. Tony went to Greece looking for Stefano.


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