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That link to "Sequestered" didn't work for me, so I went here: http://www.wetpaint.com/heather-dubrow/articles/2014-07-18-heather-dubrow-show-sequestered-promo

It looks interesting but I don't know how to watch it, I'm still old-school in that I'm only on my first non-televised tv show. Technically I know that channel is on my Xbox, but I don't imagine myself going in there for a show. There needs to be a cross-site search or channel listing, though that concept doesn't make sense because things don't actually air.

The OC ladies: I like Heather, I don't think she's all that bad, and I think it's amped up for drama. Which is good, because nothing else is happening.

I like Shannon too, I think. So I'm just waiting for her and Heather to hook up and demolish Tamra.

NJ: I couldn't get through it. I'm not interested right now in more obnoxious stereotypes, or in figuring out how to separate twins. I feel bad for Teresa's kids, but I hope she goes away for a long time (I know she won't- it'll probably be house arrest).

NY: ...seems like it's just about to pick up. The leg should be thrown soon, and from the last promo Luann is about to go off. Other than that...meh.
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