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I am a huge Nina fan. I only stuck with Y&R through the Maria Arena Bell era because of her. I loved her initial return story involving Phillip's return from the dead, and I was a huge fan of her relationship with Paul. I hated how Josh Griffith split them up (especially since Cricket belongs with Danny), so I stopped watching in November 2012 when Nina left town.

I watched Katherine's memorial episodes last year when Nina and Danny returned, but I was extremely offended that it turned into a wedding for Cricket and Paul. I hope Nina returns happy and healthy. I really wish this was a full-time return (or semi-full-time, like her 2009-2012 stint). There is so much potential with Nina as a character. In addition to her relationships with Chance, Phillip, Ronan and Jill, I could get behind a relationship with Nina and Neil (his best friend was Nina's ex Ryan). I will watch this episodes and take what I can get. The fact that they keep bringing Nina back is a good sign, though.
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