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Sammie Jo
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Jul 21 2014, 09:20 AM
Sammie Jo
Jul 21 2014, 09:16 AM
Nina is one of the most boring characters on the show, IMO. She's another one who hasn't changed her look in 30 years, same hair style, same no makeup, same dowdy clothes style. Unless they update her, she's just another yawn.
Neil and Nina? Talk about snoozeville. :facepalm:
I am sorry you don't appreciate Nina. You're missing out. All you did was pick apart her look. Nina is a genuinely-fascinating character played by one of the best and most natural actors on the show. I could watch Tricia Cast read the phone book. Brilliant.
Her "look" is her entire personality and acting style. When she was on in the early days, I liked her, but she has never grown since then, she looks almost exactly the same and that looked worked when she was a teen, it doesn't work for a 40+ year old woman who is supposed to be a successful author.
Some style and pizazz would help out a whole lot.
Same with Christine, she's been wearing the same hair style for 30+ years except for one time when she got it cut and looked the part, now she just looks like an aging hippie as does Sharon.
The "look" is very important in setting the stage for the believability of a character.
Nina looks like a tired housewife, not a successful author who lives in California.
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