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NJ: I like the new intro, for the most part. I don't like the twins being together in their credit, and I don't like the final shot of all six women. They seem so far away. And it's just not Housewives to me.

The second episode was kind of boring. I enjoyed Teresa and Dina meeting Joe, Melissa and their kids at their new lot. That seemed to be the most genuine I've ever seen Teresa with Joe and Melissa. Even if their truce is for the cameras, at least it's coming off natural. In that scene at least.

OC: Heather is really shocking me this season. While filming this, I feel like she thinks the viewers will be siding with her and Tamra and think Shannon is crazy. Never in a million years do I think Heather would be so mean and catty along with Tamra if she thought Shannon would end up being the new fan favorite. When it was Alexis, Heather knew the viewers didn't like her, so it was easy for her to join in on ragging her. The same when it came to Gretchen. She knew Gretchen was becoming unpopular, and had no problem siding with others when it came to what Gretchen was doing. I totally see Heather coming back for Season 10 and warming up to Shannon. I think she's totally into what the audience thinks of her.

Same with Tamra. She ended her rivalry with Gretchen because the audience was over it. She turned on Vicki, only for the audience to side with Vicki, and there goes Tamra back to Vicki. Like Heather, I think Tamra thought Shannon would come off looking bad, so she didn't have a problem talking so badly about her. Knowing Shannon is liked has to be killing Tamra. I see her trying to repair things with Shannon next season as well.

I'm really looking forward to OC's reunion. From pictures we know that it's Shannon, Vicki and Lizzie on one side of Andy, while Heather and Tamra on the other side. I'm really looking forward to Heather and Tamra facing the music. Finally.

NYC's season finale is tonight and we finally get to see what causes Aviva to throw her leg. LOL! I knew when seeing that trailer for the first time back in February that this would end up being the season finale, and we'd have to wait all season to see it.

Can't wait for next week's reunion. The first look at the reunion came out today. And Andy goes there when it comes to Ramona and Mario. Ramona isn't having any of it, and gets upset, turning the question back at Andy, asking who he's having sex with. Andy countered, saying he would have no problem discussing who he's having sex with if he was on a reality show with the person he's having sex with. Go Andy!

And then last but not least, LuAnn does not disappoint. She has something to say to Ramona, who's trying desperately to shut LuAnn down, but it doesn't work. "Karma's a bitch, Ramona."
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