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Rinna on BH is going to be weird since I know her from Days. And from bitching about Days.

The leg on the floor lived up to all my sick hopes and dreams. Even better was the context, and the name of the restaurant, and how that all worked together...almost as if it was scripted. I just wish it was the season't midpoint, cutting out episodes from Montana.

LuAnn is totally lying about a hookup again, and I love her for it. Last year her coverstory was the Italians or something, right? Now it's that everyone left with Harry, which isn't what Harry said at the time even if Heather does back her up now.

I've also been watching reruns of this and NJ on Hulu, and I think they need to reinvest some money in the shows again. The first year of NY for example they had camera crews in three places during the summer- NYC, St. Bart's, and the Hamptons. The drama was more organic, and the women had scenes on their own or in pairs. Now they're cheap, combining shoots together, and it's all a bit to...contrived.

So if they're doing a ground-floor revamp instead of cancellation, they might want to go back to that too.
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