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I'm looking forward to seeing how Davidson and Rinna interact with the other ladies. We know Rinna is friends with many of the cast members already (Kyle, Kim and Lisa V). And from what it sounds like, Davidson will be brought in as Rinna's friend, and that's how she'll get introduced to the cast. I had no idea that Davidson and Rinna remained friends after DAYS. Or maybe it's just for storyline purposes.

Reportedly, Davidson will be making the most out of all the BH housewives. Wonder what that'll do to Lisa V's ego.

As for NYC, I know we still have the reunion to look forward to and any casting decisions really do get based on the reunion, but I have my decisions picked on who I want to come back.

One thing to get out of the way; color me shocked that they seated Kristen at the head of the couch, closest to Andy. This could be to squash those rumors that those closest to Andy are safe. I can't see Kristen have more security for Season 7 over Heather or Carole.

I want to see Heather and Carole return for Season 7 for sure. And I think they'd be pretty safe. Both are pretty close to Andy. I think LuAnn should get bumped back up to main cast member for the next season. I'm not quite sure why she was ever bumped down to begin with. She was featured just as much as we've ever seen her in the episodes. We just didn't get any LuAnn-centered episodes. If she comes back as a main cast member, I want her to be more open.

Which brings me to Ramona. I get it. She's the Vicki of NYC. The NeNe. The Teresa. HOWEVER, if Ramona can't handle her business getting aired out on television, especially when it pertains to future storylines for her, then she has no business being on this show. It's not like Ramona is someone that respects privacy. She'll be the first to call someone out and drag their secrets to the light (LuAnn's cheating, Jill's presumed past battle with alcohol, Sonja's finances, etc.), but when it happens to her, she clams up and gets super pissed and doesn't want to go there. And I love how she cites Avery as being the reason she doesn't want her business being brought to light. All of the women Ramona dragged through the mud have children as well. Ramona is such a hypocrite. And I get those types of characters are important for reality shows, but they can easily find another drunken socialite in NYC to fill Ramona's spot. Unless she's willing to be more open. And that would be the only way I'd want her back.

As for the other, meh. Aviva shouldn't come back. She was hardly on all season, and I'm not sure why they didn't just have her exit mid-season. Leg throw or not, I'm over her.

I'm completely over Sonja. I blame Sonja for NYC becoming the joke it is today. It really is the drunken uncle of the Houswives franchise family, and I think getting rid of Sonja will be what it takes to get some respect back. She's a fucking mess. And it's no longer in a good way. I'm sick of hearing about the "wealth" she thinks she still has. I'm constantly rolling my eyes when I hear her discuss her homes all over the world. Um, worry about the townhouse in NYC that's falling apart. No hot water?! Give me a break! It's amazing the difference between the Sonja we met in Season 3 and the Sonja of today. Like apples and oranges. I don't want to see Sonja come back.

I hate when housewives get the boot after just one season, but when it comes to bringing Kristen back or bringing on someone else, I'm leaning towards bringing in someone else. Eh, I could take or leave Kristen.

So my dream cast for Season 7 would consist of: Ramona, Heather, Carole and LuAnn. And then add one or two new housewives. I'm really hoping for some diversity in the Big Apple, so bringing on two housewives that aren't white is what I really want to see. Or I'd be okay with bringing on one new housewife, if they choose to bring Kristen back.

Another idea would be to bring back Jill. I think the massive fan approval Bravo got for bringing Dina back may cause them to start thinking about bringing back past housewives. Adrienne and Camille are apparently returning to BH in Friend of the Housewives roles. Their choice. Not Bravo's. I'm not sure Jill would fit in anymore, especially given the toxicity between her and Ramona, but it's something I would like to see. No one, and I mean no one, could reing Ramona in like Jill Zarin.
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