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Viewing Single Post From: Clyde/Kate/Lucas spoiler from Aussie magazine "TV Soap"
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Jul 30 2014, 11:40 AM
Jul 29 2014, 08:47 PM
Jul 29 2014, 06:17 PM
Jul 29 2014, 06:04 PM
Kate continues to disappoint me. She lost her brain when Rafe's peen restored her soul, but I thought she found it again when she started plotting against the Demira men with Sami. Looks like she's still missing her brain.
Kate's descent into pathetic-ness is pretty much on par with EJ's.
Why, oh why did they have to have Kate say her revenge on Stefano is in retaliation for Rafe? :( They just zapped all the fun out of her. We actually saw Stefano and Kate fall in love. We saw her devastated when she found out Stefano tested her. He's the man who meant something to her! Stefano is the man who she shared a real relationship. Stefano destroying a love and a world she embraced should be the target because of those actions. This Rafe crap is just that. A big stinky pile.

Kate being drawn to Clyde is interesting because she obviously realizes he's a man of power and means. I can see that appealing to her. I have no idea if she comes to match him when she discovers she's no longer in the driver seat and he starts calling the shots. Maybe they'll have their own cat and mouse game. Anything that moves this story from the redundancy its been in and away from this baloney focusing on Rafe and his soul saving rod will be an improvement.

I don't remember seeing Stefano and Kate fall in love. Kate was blackmailed into marrying Stefano, she was then thinking about poisoning him, then one day they were all of the sudden in love and a happy couple. It always felt forced to me.
I get your point. There wasn't a big investment made in Stefano and Kate's 'love story'. But, at least with Stefano and Kate they did marry and share a home. Kate thawed in her animosity. I don't remember a big turning point either but she definitely became comfortable being a Dimera wife and showed him loving tenderness. She helped him with Chad and tried to keep the family together. This was an investment on her part so I'm fine with her being pissed at Stefano for treating her in a shabby manor. They did say they loved each other.

So as forced as some thought Stefano and Kate's relationship came across this stuff with Rafe is 100x worse. I'm fine with Kate kicking Stefano to the curb for good if that's what she truly wants. I'm not okay with the writers trying to convey she's doing it for Rafe because vindicating him means everything to her when all we ever saw of their relationship was humping for 2 months. There was no attempt at depth with them because there wasn't suppose to be. They didn't share anything other than a bed. It was just about having sex. Kate risking the wrath of Stefano in Rafe's name when all he ever has wanted from her was a booty call makes her completely ridiculous. This declaration doesn't serve her well. And now Rafe's a horny cheating bastard. This part of the story sucks!
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