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Oh she'll take him back, her self-esteem is just that low. He'll grovel and act pathetic, she'll cry and smile...meh...whatevs. Heck, she'll probably make all nice-nice with Abby, Rafe, Jordan, Kate, :blah: and she & Elvis will be oh so very nauseatingly happy. :puke:

Then the "storm" that we've been reading about will take the life of the man who raped her at gunpoint she loves, he'll die in his arms, they'll both overact, and Sami will leave Salem, to return for weddings, funerals, or whatever else the budget might allow for beyond a new plastic plant or two.

But, in classic soap style, the body won't be found, it will be burned beyond recognition, or we'll see Elvis in a cave/mansion/hut/castle/whocares somewhere being held prisoner because Stefano has set him up.

This is all speculation, but I feel perfectly comfortable with it. The 50th is comin up, and an Elvis/Samanther reveal-that-he's-alive and/or reunion are the ace up the sleeve for Corday...lest we forget the whole "Lock, Stock and Barrel" promise.
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