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He is one of the few who actually looked better after Days got their hands on him.What a difference a few months make.I would be extremely disappointed if I paid to attend and got a fan picture I want to hide in the garage or basement.I understand he is no longer with the show but he must realize that fans really want to have their photograph taken with EJ DiMera not Son of Sam.It would have taken so little effort to make it a day to remember for the fans who attended,i.e.shave,decent hair cut,and a fresh shirt.
The EJamis who were there (i.e., those whose pictures of James these are) seemed to really like his new look.
He could walk in dressed as a mummy and they'd go crazy. Bless their hearts, they love that man unconditionally. ;)

And a HIGH FIVE about the replacement of all those great old pictures in the Horton House! I can see JJ every other day. I don't need to see his pics everywhere too.
I love how you say "Bless their hearts". Are you from the South?
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