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I don't think he would admit to God that he loves Nicole, because that would mean admitting that his love for Nicole is unconditional, and shit, who's ever loved her like that except for her mom?

What Eric needs is to get his head out of his Fine Little Ass and start reading God's signs and understand that forgiving someone doesn't mean your ok with what they did, I mean hell, the guy was a priest and doesn't understand forgiveness?

To err is Human Eric, to forgive is Devine. Anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd "slobber slobber slobber"
Her brother.

I think he's afraid to admit he really does love her because he might view it as a weakness. He's already associating her with sin/evil because of her actions and to admit that he loves a sinful woman is not something that he (with his new outlook in life) will celebrate and revel in it. Eric wants a 'godly' woman or someone who has those good characteristics, qualities and values that Nicole doesn't have. While they were working at the rectory together he thought that deep down she was that woman despite her past and now he thinks he sees her for what she truly is. He's rejecting her and possibly views her as something he needs to be purged from, (this is how I see the development of this story for now). Had he not been a priest, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Eric, I feel will start exhibiting symptoms akin to an addict. He'll always be drawn to her even when he doesn't want to be and is desperate to be free. He will never be free of her, she's in every fiber of his being.
Brandon wasn't an ALWAYS! Faye was...of course I barely remember Brandon past him and Sami, poor Brandon. You know Rafe is the only one proves that there is actual airtime when your not with Sami, at all, anymore. Sorry sidetracked!

Eric, for some reason, for some stupid reason, for some STOOPID reason, thinks admitting you still love someone is okaying what they did, saying maybe it wasn't so bad, saying that maybe you deserved it...I guess. Though, if he looked at his family Hope/Bo, John/Marlena, Caroline/Shawn, Kim/Shane he would see that loving someone is saying what you did was wrong, very wrong, terrible wrong, but my love wasn't dependent on you doing the right thing all the time and I love you despite what you've done.
He'll get there..if the writers figure it out!!
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