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WEEK OF JULY 1 - JULY 5, 1985
Patch warned that he plans to kill Bo. Kimberly was upset that Shane considered taking a London job offer. Emma can't face the fact that her marriage to Shane is over. Hope got in the way of Bo and Theo's investigation of the Salem music studio that Savannah and Tod are working out of. Savannah and Patch searched everywhere for the missing microfilm. Kimberly considered Neil's suggestion that she get a job working with handicapped children. Marlena fought her budding feelings for Richard. Pete offered Melissa a shoulder to cry on after learning of her aborted romance with Ian. Ivy was upset to learn that Pete outfitted Melissa's dance studio. Larry continued his plot to drive a wedge of suspicion between Linda and Alex. Anna and Tony planned a posh wedding ceremony.
WEEK OF JULY 8 - JULY 12, 1985
Ivy was hospitalized with abdominal pains, but told a visiting Pete to get lost. Emma taunted Kimberly that she'll get Shane back. Kimberly cried her troubles out on Neil's shoulder while Liz was busy in the video recording studio. Speed told Ivy that Pete is having an affair with Melissa. Marlena failed to elude Richard's kisses. Bo unwittingly found the microfilm that Savannah and Patch are looking for. Bo and Theo found heroin hidden in a video tape cartridge, indicating that Tod and Savannah are mixed up with a drug ring. Hope planned to make a big drug bust in order to earn her policewoman's wings. Eugene fought in court to keep his inheritance. Savannah romped in the sack with Chris while keeping Alex at her beck and call. Liz unknowingly delivered a shipment of heroin for Savannah.
WEEK OF JULY 15 - JULY 19, 1985
Bo admitted to Hope that he and Theo are trying to catch the drug dealers that Savannah works for. Hope and her police partner made a drug bust which foiled Bo and Theo's plan to find out who Savannah gets her drug shipments from. Marlena took off her wedding rings, put her memory of Roman in the past, and spent time with Richard. Patch found the microfilm, but didn't hand it over to Savannah. Neil resents the time that Liz is devoting to her career. Eugene kicked his mother, Vanessa, out of his house after he lost his inheritance. Ivy nearly had a miscarriage during an emergency appendectomy. Shane kissed Kimberly while Emma plotted to win Shane back. Speed told a reporter that Ian is having an affair with Melissa. Bo wrongly blamed Patch when Shawn was injured by masked holdup men, who are secretly working for Alex.


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