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This morning I have a laundry list of things I need to vent about...

With all this talk of how the Dimera children are being hurt by EJ and Sami's sham wedding, whatever happened to Johnny having his eye removed due to cancer? Is that like Philip Kiriakis conveniently regrowing his amputated leg (how the women in his life still found him sexually attractive as an amputee without ever showing any hesitation or squeamishness was a lost opportunity for a storyline, especially now that they keep talking about donating money to wounded veterans).

As for the exit storyline for the characters of EJ and Sami, things got off to a great start but deteriorated quickly. I can't believe that Sami, a character who has been on the show over 20 years, is going to depart in such a lame manner as depicted in her conversation with Rafe. And EJ is suddenly so hard-up for cash that he's asking Victor to hook him up with shady characters (coincidentally as two apparent meth dealers from Missouri just happen to be newly-arrived in Salem)? I have a hard time with this whole divestiture of the Dimera Enterprises subplot -- it's just not credible. Surely the Dimeras have had so much old-line money stored in offshore accounts for decades that they don't need to get their hands dirty with actual drug deals at this late stage in the family's history. Why do they have EJ involved with local pushers when he probably could just liquidate a private island or two? When they killed off Arianna Hernandez because of EJ's drug deals, it confused me then and it makes even less sense now in the way EJ is now being written out. I just can't fathom that so much hoopla was made over how EJ and Sami would leave, only to discover it's turning into more of a whimper than a bang.

And why does Will *have* to write his expose of the drama at Dimera Enterprises? Are there truly no other writing gigs in the universe? Sonny's right; it's stupid. Will should just go back to blogging and changing diapers during this part of the story. People complain that Will and Sonny are boring, but I like them that way. It's enjoyable that, out of all the households in town, the gay couple has the most stable marriage in Salem. I don't like Will locking horns with Sami lately at all; it doesn't add anything to Sami's exit story and I hate the discord it causes between him and Sonny.

The convergence of Clyde, Ben and Abigail is the thing that interests me the most right now. I don't like the new Ben because he's just too modelish and sculpted-looking for the part; it's distracting because all I do is look at his perfect eyebrows and those strange shirts he wears that accentuate his pecs and ponder the extreme measures this character has gone to in order to hide his Ozark origins. He makes more sense as the Miami metrosexual that Paige remembers running into down there. NuBen fits in as an appearance-conscious guy who would work at the curious cafe/nightclub/banquet hall mashup that is Club TBD, but this whole thing of being tortured and overwrought by the mere sight of Clyde just isn't coming off well. But what exactly is on Clyde's mind when he looks at Abigail? Is he just a horny old man or a real sexual predator? Does he want to inflict more hurt his son by going after Ben's "conquest"? Is Clyde so evil that he deals in human trafficking? Are we about to see Abigail kidnapped and sold off to a mountain biker gang? Where is all this going???

Speaking of Abigail, I am still wondering if the surprise twist in EJ's exit storyline is that it isn't truly over between EJ and Abigail after all. The last scene they had together, I thought there was some foreshadowing. Might they not decide that since Sami's so irreversibly angry with the two of them, they might as well just keep hooking up anyway?

And last but not least, they have destroyed any hope for getting Eric and Nicole back on track. How hypocritical would it be for Eric to accept the Vatican cardinal's decision to return to the priesthood when -- the Kristen episode of being drugged and raped aside -- Eric willingly abandoned his "let's wait for marriage" schtick and jumped in bed with Nicole after he was defrocked? Nicole is very open about her character flaws, but Eric has become despicably tiresome and sanctimonious. He's too conflicted to be a decent priest any more and he's too bitter to have any real future with Nicole. Supercouple destroyed, now just a yawnfest here.

OK, done venting -- everyone have a great morning!
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