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WEEK OF JULY 22 - JULY 26, 1985
Anna and Tony fumed to learn that their marriage was a sham since Alex had hired an actor to perform the wedding ceremony. Anna and Tony went on their honeymoon to Bangkok anyway. Oriental tycoon, Baba, abducted Anna into his harem before she could marry Tony for real. Bo's mom, Caroline, was shocked to see her former lover, the wealthy and mysterious Victor Kiriakis, is back in town. Victor gave Pete money to pay for Ivy's hospital bills. Bo remembered long ago catching his then best friend Patch in bed with Bo's girl. Ian told Melissa he's being forced to resign from the police force even though he didn't really have an affair with her. Emma vowed to get revenge when Shane asked for a divorce. Shane's I.S.A. boss, Mr. Lancaster, wants him to find a crime figure who has reportedly moved into Salem. Patch searched for photos made from the film that Savannah wanted. Pete threw the photos away.
WEEK OF JULY 29 - AUGUST 2, 1985
Victor, who is Savannah's and Patch's boss, was livid that they let Pete and Melissa get out of town with the photos Victor wants. Hope's superior, Office Bob McBride, is on Victor's payroll. Ivy freaked out when Pete phoned to say he and Melissa are heading for Los Angeles. Savannah sent Patch after Pete and Melissa. Alex notice that Linda is afraid of Victor. Chris captured an arsonist that Linda and Alex hired to torch Chris' club. Savannah threatened Alex, admitting that she knows he's behind the recent waterfront disasters. Shane's gathering all the info he can on Victor, past and present. Shane is upset that Kimberly is seeing Victor. Liz is afraid to have another child for fear it will contract juvenile diabetes. Tony and Eugene rescued Anna and Calliope from Baba's harem.


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