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Aug 8 2014, 03:04 PM
No matter how much I *love* that she is finally going to be in Salem where she should be it - THIS is *not* the way to do it! How *humiliating*!!! Really, Days? You're going to actually bring the legendary Kristen DiMera back to Salem in handcuffs? And in a way that let's everyone see her like that??? And not to mention, let Tan Man one up Kristen DiMera??? This makes absolutely no sense! Not to mention it's yet another 180 from the way Kristen was written last year.

*SHE* is the one who should be holding all the cards. *She* is the one who should have *decided* to come back to Salem *on her own*, confront all the people she should confront, surprise Brady, offer EJ her support, plot with Stefano to take down the two wicked witches, gotten into a catfight with Nicole, laugh in Sami's face about what an insignificant bore she is to her, taunted Marlena with everything she's going to do, and blow that little piece of trash Theresa right out of the water!

Show some *respect*, show!!! This is not your everyday character! This is Kristen freaking DiMera!!!
Wouldn't it be kind of repetitive to do that? That's what she did when she came back last time. I think it would be bothersome if it was Stefano, because that's his thing. Kristen isn't the Phoenix. She's evil, sure but she's not omnipotent. She's just your average nice girl turned lunatic. Plus it could be good to have her in one place with all her enemies. Maybe they can take turns slapping her or spitting in her face :D
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