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Hey there everyone..I just thought I'd bump up this thread to say that I love(d) ATWT and I miss it terribly! It's the only soap I've ever watched. I love Tamara Tunie! She is/was Jessica. I loved her & Duncan until they messed that up then I hated him after that. Tamara's an amazing actress. I also loved Tom & Margo as well (Ellen & Scott's Tom & Margo) I hated that they re-casted Jessica though, but I understand why they did.

Feb 16 2010, 01:57 PM
Any older ATWT fans who have a favorite actor/actress in either original or recast character?

Alison: Jessica Dunphy or Marnie Schulenburg
Betsy: Meg Ryan or Lindsay Frost
Bonnie: Napiera Danielle Groves or Chauntee Schuler
Brad: Nick Kokotakis, John Loprieno or Austin Peck
Caleb: Michael David Morrison or Graham Winton
Casey: Zach Roerig or Billy Magnussen
Connor: Allyson Rice-Taylor or Susan Batten
Craig: Scott Bryce, Hunt Block, Jeffrey Meek or Jon Lindstrom
Dusty: Brian Bloom or Grayson McCouch
Emily: Melanie Smith or Kelley Menighan Hensley
Frannie: Julianne Moore or Mary Ellen Stuart
Jennifer: Kim Onasch or Jennifer Ferrin
Jessica: Tamara Tunie or Joanna Rhinehart
Lily: Lucy Deakins, Martha Byrne, Heather Rattray or Noelle Beck
Lucy: Peyton List or Spencer Grammer
Margo: Margaret Colin, Hillary B. Smith, Ellen Dolan or Glynnis O'Connor
Meg: Jennifer Ashe or Marie Wilson
Nikki: Jordana Brewster or McKenzie Satterthwaite
Paul: Andrew Kavovit, Scott Holroyd or Roger Howarth
Rosanna: Yvonne Perry or Cady McClain
Sabrina: Julianne Moore or Claire Beckham
Samantha: Brooke Alexander or Sherri Alexander
Sierra: Finn Carter or Mary Beth Evans
Tom: Justin Deas, Gregg Marx or Scott Holmes
For me it's as follows:

Tamara Tunie (because as they say there's nothing better than the original)

Bonnie (definitely Napiera (she & Tamara had the most natural chemistry)
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