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In the upcoming week, Nick will return back to Genoa City with Logan in tow.

It all starts when Nick's health takes another turn; trying to keep Nick from fading away, Logan manages to get them back to where Nick's home. When they arrive at the hospital, she contacts Nikki to tell her the news of her son. Nikki assumes it's a practical joke but rushes to the hospital, with Sharon and Jack on her heels. Unfortunately, Phyllis is out of the loop, due to signing papers with Michael and Lauren to give custody of Summer to them if she goes to jail.

When Sharon, Nikki and Jack arrive at the hospital, Nick immediately brightens up upon seeing Sharon. When she hugs him, he lays a passionate kiss on her. Jack, not liking it at all; and Sharon tells Nick that he shouldn't have done that.

A confused Nick questions why he shouldn't be kissing the wife he knows; which proves that Nick is suffering partial amnesia. Nick comes back with a few years lost in his memory....All he knows is Sharon;

Another Big problem...Phyllis. When she learns that Nick is alive, she rushes to the hospital and showers her husband with happiness. When he comes to, he' pushes her away; not realizing that she is the woman that she iand he are married.

With Phyllis shatterend and Sharon confused...the question remains...Who will Nick choose one his complete memory returns?
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