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Monday, June 25
Chelsea is not blown away by her night with Nick; Lucas does not know if he can handle it if Sami's baby turns out to be E.J.'s; Sami confides in Marlena that she is worried she will lose Lucas if E.J. is the father of her baby; Sami's shocking sonogram.

Tuesday, June 26
Lucas promises that he and Sami will get through the pregnancy together, regardless of her test results; Stefano accuses E.J. of lying about Anna's intentions in Salem; Jeremy waits impatiently as Max arrives with cash for the secret merchandise.

Wednesday, June 27
Bo wires Hope so she can infiltrate the DiMera mansion; Jett invites Chelsea and Nick on a double date with him and his fiancee; Max wants to get out of business with Jeremy; Nick tells Billie that Kate is blackmailing him into rigging Sami's DNA test.

Thursday, June 28
Stefano corners Hope; Steve explains that he and Hope are having an affair; Stefano tells Tony to let the Bradys find out who killed Colleen; Jeremy gives Max his cut of the money; Nick, more alone than ever before, tries to call Chelsea in Las Vegas.

Friday, June 29
Roman drops Sami and Lucas off at the safe house; tormented Nick hands Marlena the DNA results; Bo and Hope suggest that Shawn move back into their house with Belle and the baby; Roman tells Bo about the fight he had with Anna the night before.
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